Affordable housing for Almada, Portugal.

April 2023,
The new buildings follow the profile of Avenida Torrado da Silva, accompanying it in its gradual ascent, in a longitudinal volumetry, which opens onto the surroundings: with large balconies, in a careful design of fine and elegant lines that project from the recessed façade cloth, dematerialising its presence in the visual impact of the City.

The aim is to ensure the cohesion of the built ensemble, both in terms of volume and materiality: the pigmented concrete base is superimposed on the pigmented concrete base, a commercial floor is superimposed and, to this, the dwellings marked by the exposed structure the full-length balconies, which lend a clear horizontality to the building complex.

The longitudinal profile is defragmented by rhythmic advances and recessings in its altimetry, breaking the visual perception of the total length of the implantation.
Relationships between the domestic space and the City are explored.
Relationships of openness, security and privacy.

Function: affordable housing,
                competition - 5th Place
Area: 180 units/ 31.455 m2
Client: IHRU
Design: Alban Wagener Architecture
             Miguel Gomes
Team: Olimpia Fecchio, Clara Marinho,  Stefany Trojan , Ivan Tsurov.
Partners: Eleven Steps Engineering, Landscape Mudita Studio

Axonometric drawing

Section of one building

Floorplans of the different typologies

view from the south

Interior view of an apartment 

Balconies enhance the quality of the living areas and create shadow in the high summer.

The inbetween spaces are used as playgrounds for children

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